22 July 2018


After a tough, but very enjoyable three days in the saddle the finish line at Maroochydore’s Cotton Tree Park was a welcome sight for the more than 800 tired riders taking part in Velothon Sunshine Coast.

For all the riders it time to join in with their family and friends and kick back in the Velothon clubhouse to refuel, celebrate their achievements and dissect their performances in preparation for 2019.

There were stunning performances in all the categories but after more than 350km of riding the Sunshine Coast hinterland, it was Sydney’s Philip Taaffe and local rider Lucy Coldwell who took out the general classification.

Second last year, Taaffe from the Manly Warringah club has gone one better, much to the delight of his three children supporting from the sidelines

“I couldn’t have hoped for a much better outcome than that. Last year they gave the yellow jersey for winning the Masters but this year to do it overall against the young guys, I am pretty happy for a 41 year old.”

“When the young guys were telling me their legs were hurting I was pleasantly surprised because I don’t train like them. My riding is not much more my commute to work which gives me 40 minutes each way. Cycling is something I do among the rest of my life with the family and work but I am fortunate I am able to keep a good level of fitness.”

The former middle distance runner came to cycling only five years ago when persistent injury forced him into retirement.

“I did a lot of track running, 800m and 1500m but I was always having lower leg injuries and calf muscle strains. We were heading to France one year and I thought ‘You gotta get a bike if you are going to France’ and I just started pedaling and I took it up from there. Since then it has taken us to great events like this that we would never have done otherwise and I don’t have any lower leg problems anymore.”

Taaffe was delighted to be back at Velothon Sunshine Coast, to enjoy the stunning roads, beautiful winter temperatures, the competition and the friendships that get formed out on the bike.

“I think this year has been a little more competitive than last year at the front of the field. Some guys coming back from last year had some ambitions which made it a bit more like a race you would used to. But in the end when you get to the final day you are working together, you are regrouping and riding together.”

“It is just a great feeling of camaraderie and riding with people who are into the same thing as you. I think that is the beautiful thing about cycling, you can do it at any age. Some of the best juniors in the country were riding guys in their 50’s and that is a great thing.”

Philip’s 11 year old son has recently taken up cycling and was one of his dad’s keenest supporters, looking on with envy as the peloton came into the finish line.

“My son had a shocking rugby injury less than a year ago and he dislocated his knee and we were looking around for something for him to do and the surgeon said cycling is probably the best thing. So we found him a good little cycling squad that meets every Saturday morning for 90 minutes and he really feels a part of it. Who knows he might be in the bunch with me one day,” he said.

In her day to day life as a vet, former Scottish Commonwealth Games cycling representative, Lucy Coldwell takes care of the pets of the Sunshine Coast but for the last few days she been using surgical precision to carve out a stunning performance that kept the men in the peloton on their toes.

“The legs weren’t all that good today. Early on I felt fairly good so I was okay on the first KOM but by the time we got to Obi Obi I was really suffering. Knowing the climb was a slight disadvantage because I knew what was ahead of me. At least I was in a good group so I just tried to hang on. There was no chat from me in the bunch, I was still suffering.”

“Being a local ride it is a bit special and I am really happy with how things have worked out this year, personally and for the team ‘Multisport Mecca’. Last year there was a big build up and I didn’t manage to ride so it was great to be able to come and do it this year and met lots of new people, enjoy the bunch and enjoy the ride. It was great, winning the KOM, the Sprinters, Mixed Teams and taking out the overall GC I can’t complain about that. I will definitely be back. I’d love to.”

“It is important having events like this on the Sunshine Coast. This sort of event is a mini taste of what a tour is like and gets all the locals together and it showcases the region and brings people up here and it is a lovely time of year. It is winter but the weather here is perfect which is a lovely reason for people to come here on holiday,” Lucy said.


3 Day Velo GC


Pos    Cat               Name                               Time             Stage 1          Stage 2         Stage 3

1        Masters        Philip TAAFFE (446)          10:28:38       03:29:43          02:31:12       04:27:43

2        Open            Alex MALONE (713)          10:29:09       03:29:23          02:32:05       04:27:41

3        Masters        Andrew YOUNG (399)       10:36:53       03:38:48          02:29:07       04:28:57


Pos    Cat               Name                               Time             Stage 1          Stage 2         Stage 3

1        Team            Lucy COLDWELL (689)     10:48:44       03:41:21          02:34:06       04:33:15

2        G/Masters    Shelley NISBET (303)       11:08:40       03:53:51          02:36:22       04:38:26

3        Team            Julie HAZLETT (696)         11:18:03       04:00:46          02:36:20       04:40:55


Stage 3 - 152km


Pos    Cat               Name                               Time

1        Masters        Gary HANCOCK (208)      04:26:30.347

2        Open            Mitchell SINCOCK (351)    04:26:33.290

3        G/Masters    Jon LEIGHTON (449)        04:27:09.643



Pos    Cat               Name                               Time

1        Team            Lucy COLDWELL (689)     04:33:15.573

2        G/Masters    Shelley NISBET (303)       04:38:26.627

3        Team            Julie HAZLETT (696)         04:40:55.937




Pos    Cat               Name                               Time

1        Team            Jason BOON (613)            00:38:39.157

2        Masters        Andrew YOUNG (399)       00:38:42.993

3        Team            Stephane TORRENS (614) 00:39:00.933



Pos    Cat               Name                               Time

1        Team            Lucy COLDWELL (689)     00:44:54.580

2        Masters        Yvette EDWARD (177)      00:46:59.140

3        Masters        Meagan HARVEY (214)     00:49:24.050


Sprint GC


Pos    Cat               Name                               Time

1        Team            David FANJUL (612)         00:08:20.527

2        Open            Chris THORNTON (375)    00:08:23.003

3        G/Masters    Jon LEIGHTON (449)        00:08:27.087



Pos    Cat               Name                               Time

1        Team            Lucy COLDWELL (689)     00:09:00.360

2        G/Masters    Shelley NISBET (303)       00:09:07.173

3        Team            Julie HAZLETT (696)         00:09:19.543

Full results can be found at https://www.multisportaustralia.com.au


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