Teaming Up To Tackle Velothon Sunshine Coast

9 July 2017

Teaming Up To Tackle Velothon Sunshine Coast

Velothon Sunshine Coast is not just about the finish line, it is the roads, the glory, the banter and new repertoire of stories acquired with every sprint, summit and descent. While everyone rides as an individual, success in cycling is about teamwork. So an important component of the three day, 361km, Velothon Sunshine Coast experience is the four rider, team category.

One man who is committed to the team concept is avid cyclist Richard Kelleway, whose company Visionstream has entered two teams into Velothon Sunshine Coast - one based out of Brisbane and the other from Melbourne. One of the largest telecommunications contractors in Australia and New Zealand, Visionstream has a long history of involvement in cycling, with employees, friends and associates doing a number of cycling and charity events every year wearing the company colours.

“With three thousand people in the business there are always a few cyclists. I guess since coming on board as CEO I have elevated the status of cycling within the company but there were certainly leaders and business associates prior to me that have done charity rides. We have done the JDRF and we have done the Chain Reaction Charity Ride as a group, we do the Round the Bay in a Day in Melbourne and we had a team do the Brisbane to Gold Coast ride, so it about catering for all standards.”

“When I started talking about Velothon Sunshine Coast we were just going to put the one team but one of the guys from the Melbourne office put his hand up and was really, really keen to do it. Then a few of our cycling friends said they were interested. So we decided to put together two groups of friends, a Brisbane set of friends and a Melbourne set of friends and that naturally developed some good natured rivalry between the two groups.”

“Irrespective of whatever else was going on at Velothon, we decided we were going have our own little challenge going on between the two groups. So that is how it all started and I guess we have our State of Origin now.”

Visionstream is a $1.5 billion business that constructs, installs and maintains some of Australia’s most important telecommunication infrastructure networks, so true to the company’s standards they have undertaken a thorough reconnaissance of Velothon Sunshine Coast.

“I have ridden the course and each of the stages with the guys over the last few weeks and it is a fantastic course. I know Obi Obi road very well and ridden it a number of times over the years, so it is going to be a bit of fun for everyone.”

“When the boys from Melbourne heard we were putting on a bit of a training ride, they said ‘We’ve booked our tickets and we are coming up’. So they have ridden the course as well. All bar one of our riders has at least ridden two of the three days of Velothon course.”

“The Velothon course is everything that website promises. I love the fact that you have put the Obi Obi road climb towards the end of the third day, so there is going to be hardly any fresh legs in that pack. I know the first time I climbed Obi Obi how tough it was. And that last climb on the end of the first day, what a killer that is. It is only two km long but that is really going to split the pack up as well.”

“I have been following the weather and it is looking like it is going to wonderful, so a great course and good weather, I don’t think we could ask for much more.”

While Richard has been a driving force for his company’s involvement in Velothon Sunshine Coast, the fickle finger of fate has intervened. A recent crash that damaged his shoulder has put him on the sideline and relegated him to a more logistical role.

“I had a bit of stack recently and need a shoulder reconstruction, so unfortunately I am out. So you can see how it is playing out. Now the CEO is going to be the domestique, the water boy, the orange boy and the beer boy at the end of the evening,” he laughed. “I know I will still have fun watching the guys out there. They are a competitive crew and a good bunch of guys and I am pretty sure they will represent us well,” he said.