12 July 2019


After a sensational 2018, winning the men’s team, the King of the Mountain and sprinter’s Green jersey, the Sydney based Cammeray Roadies gathered up all their awards and went home to spread the word about Velothon Sunshine Coast (19-21 July).

The “Roadies” are back in 2019 bigger and better than ever, doubling the number of riders registered. This year the entourage includes family and friends, making the trip to cheer on the team and then indulge themselves in a Sunshine Coast holiday once racing is over.
Club captain and last year’s Green jersey winner, David Fanjul said the Cammeray Roadies are excited about being back at Velothon Sunshine Coast and ready to implement the lessons of last year.

“In terms of the Cammeray Roadies this year there will be up to 15 riders going and many with their families. This time we have booked two houses, last year it was only one but the numbers are big so we need extra space. They are pretty close to the main venue, so that is a real plus in terms of logistics.”

“Last year it was get there, race and come back to Sydney, so there was no time to see anything. The beauty of this event is that you can plan to have a holiday around it. This year some of us are taking a couple of extra days to enjoy the area a bit more.”

“Velo last year was great. It was a blast having the two teams, the women’s and the men’s, and it was pretty much full on every day. Backing up day after day was pretty interesting.”
“You actually have to finish the ride and try and get your nutrition in as soon as possible, get your legs in cold water, do your stretching, and get onto the evil foam roller. Then it was back for the presentations. So we tried to get as much of that done as early in the piece to be in the best possible shape for the next day. That was very important. It was like being a pro without being a pro. It was really good,” he said.

David said the community feel of Velothon Sunshine Coast aligns very closely with the values of the Cammeray Roadies. “I remember our girls telling me the story of meeting two female local riders at the fork in the road on day three and they ended up doing the long version with our girls. It is definitely a true story and nice to know that they inspired them to form their own teams for this year. There was wonderful support among everyone and that is the culture of the Cammeray Roadies. It is not only racing but the whole group culture that is the biggest value.”

“That is the real benefit of the afternoon sessions at the Velothon Clubhouse. You race in the morning, you meet people while riding, and you see the same person in the afternoon at the presentations and have a beer or whatever. It works very well from a networking point of view and is a real good opportunity to establish links and new friendships with people from your same city or across the country.”

“With everything going on, in the lead up, I probably haven’t done as much as I would have liked. But we have a really strong male team this year and a couple of really good climbers and sprinters in our club so it would be good if we could keep the jerseys we earned last year and hopefully we can keep our position as the first male team. I am sure there will be other teams coming along this year with strong riders, so let’s see what happens,” he said.