21 July 2018


The flatter, faster 88km Glasshouse Mountains stage has turned Velothon Sunshine Coast upside down with final results dependant on performances in the final 152km coastal stage and how riders handle the infamous and tough Obi Obi climb tomorrow.

Day two saw tired riders more content to ride tempo for the majority of the stage before sorting out the honours in a frantic uphill run to the finish line in Woombye. A solid day in the saddle and some excellent climbing put Manly rider Phillip Taafe finally in yellow, relegating Alex Malone to second place in general classifications (GC).

While line honours went to young Australian Cycling Academy (ACA) rider, Alastair Mackellar, on adjusted times it was Kiwi Andrew Young who picked up the stage win, elevating himself to third overall. After a conservative day one Mackellar and his young ACA team mates decided to have some fun mixing it up with the “oldies” and testing the legs in preparation for his upcoming races.

“It was fun to have more of the flat longer sections, it more fun and fast. I hadn’t ridden the roads out to Caboolture but through the Glass house Mountains was really nice and great scenery.”

“It was mostly tempo the whole way and everyone together and pretty big field with everyone fighting for position. We were being watched a little bit but it was great fun to be involved with everyone having a crack.”

“I knew the run to the line was up hill so I didn’t want to go too early because there would have a been a chance of being caught, so I went just after the 200m line. I just had to go. After yesterday’s hills the body felt surprisingly well and fairly fresh. It is great to see how I am feeling and how the legs are, so it is great preparation for the coming weeks.”

In the women’s event Lucy Coldwell has continued her dominance of Velothon 2018, not only protecting her massive lead in the GC with another stage win, she is also leading the King of the Mountain (KOM) and Sprinter’s competition.

“I didn’t feel too bad because most of the race was in a bunch at fairly steady pace. There were four strong girls in our bunch and everyone was chatting and enjoying themselves. It was a good day to get everyone a bit more sociable because it wasn’t full on from the get go.”

“However, I did feel it in my legs towards the end. On the last climb there was a group of four which included my team mate David Schloss who pushed me up and over the top. I had my own angel give me helping hand and we rolled into the finish together.”

“It was good fun and I think everyone enjoyed it again today and our team all came in fairly close together. Everyone is very pumped after the stage so we are happy. With two stages in the legs it will be hard going tomorrow. I used to be able to get up Obi Obi okay but I liked it much better when I was fitter,” she said.

While much of the focus is on the individual riders, an important part of Velothon Sunshine Coast is the team competition that has drawn riders from interstate and overseas.

Leading the team competition is the Sydney based Cammeray Roadies, headed up by captain David Fanjul who is delighted with the decision to enter two teams in Velothon this year.

“We are loving it. The women are going well and the men’s team are smashing it. We are first overall in the team event and we have a healthy lead of 40 plus minutes and we are looking good if we don’t mess up tomorrow.”

“Velothon is better than I thought it would be, it is great. There are eight of us and there will probably be more next year. There were two last year, eight this year, so you can make the maths. The team jersey is the main target and we still have it. We have Jason Boon in the Polka dot jersey, I had the green jersey until today but messed up my tactics, so my challenge is to get it back tomorrow.”

Tomorrow also brings with it the infamous Obi Obi, a climb David is trying not to think about.

“I think I would prefer not to give Obi Obi any thought at all,” he laughed. “I just want to go over it and roll into town. Then it will have been three days of extremely good cycling and great banter. It is a good group of people. I am really happy we have come to the Sunshine Coast.”

Captain of the Auckland based Rangi Rockets, Paul Cropp said his team have been delighted with every aspect of riding Velothon and look forward to extending their stay in the Sunshine Coast.

“Stage one was everything we thought, except for some of the steeper climbs that were steeper than what we have experienced in New Zealand. They were steep but were great fun. And today’s stage was just beautiful. We have had an excellent couple of days and I would like to think we would get a bigger group next year. We have one more day to go and then it is holiday time in Noosa,” he said.

3 Day Velothon GC


Pos    Cat               Name                                Time            Stage 2        Stage 3

1        Masters        Philip TAAFFE (446)          06:00:55          03:29:43       02:31:12      

2        Open            Alex MALONE (713)          06:01:28          03:29:23       02:32:05      

3        Masters        Andrew YOUNG (399)       06:07:56          03:38:48       02:29:07      



Pos    Cat               Name Time                       TIME            Stage 2        Stage 3

1        Team            Lucy COLDWELL (689)     06:15:28          03:41:21       02:34:06      

2        Grand Masters Shelley NISBET (303)     06:30:13          03:53:51       02:36:22      

3        Team            Julie HAZLETT (696)         06:37:07          04:00:46       02:36:20      


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