The Roads. The Glory. The Banter.

Welcome to the ultimate winter cycling escape to the sun, bringing together a stunning riding location, dream race set-up and a world class rider experience on and off the bike. Where one day of riding is never enough and you can immerse yourself in everything you love about cycling during the biggest cycling event on the planet.

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When you cycle with friends, it's about the journey not the destination

The great thing is, if you and your mates join us for Velothon Sunshine Coast, the destination just happens to be awesome! Think world class riding, stunning scenery from the beach to the hinterland, post ride beers watching the Tour De France at the Clubhouse beside the beach, and you'll get a feeling of what's on offer at Velothon Sunshine Coast.

With the teams option available, you can satisfy your competitive streak battling it out for the yellow jersey with your team mates, or if you're not a serious roadie, just enjoy the banter and chatter while you soak up the stunning scenery. O.k., there's a few hills and the small matter of Obi Obi to conquer, but you're not one to shy away from a challenge, right? Read more.

A new take on the traditional European rides.

We’ve taken what we think are the best elements of a Gran Fondo style race and transplanted this format in to the winterless Sunshine Coast. Fantastic roads and routes, managed roads, King of the Mountain and Sprint stages, all combined with a perfect riding climate and sublime scenery. Off the bike every ride starts and finishes in and around the Maroochydore area, with a dedicated Velo Clubhouse right on the river at Cotton Tree Park, Maroochydore. Open throughout each day and in to the evening for riders, friends and family to relax and share in the experience.

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